Cyber Security

Pursue a Cyber Security degree which offers you a well-paid career and a PR pathway option.
Cyber Security courses have now become one the most popular courses among international students in Australia. Cyber security has been a significant part of any organization, business, and company in recent years with the increase of cyber security threats and crimes. The fast rise in online security threats and manipulation of data and information has increased the demand for Cyber security professionals day by day and in the future, the requirements of cyber security officers will be greater than present.
Cyber security officers are in high demand in Australia and there are plenty of employment opportunities for graduates of cyber security courses. Cyber security is a PR Pathway course and successful completion of cyber security courses will help to get a well paid career. Most of the universities in Australia offer both bachelor’s and master’s degree courses to international students.
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Entry Requirement

Bachelor Cyber Security:

Master of Cyber Security:

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Cyber Security Career Opportunities:

Frequently Asked Questions

The average cost to pursue Bachelor of Cyber Security course is 30 K per year whereas Master of Cyber Security Course cost 36 K annually on average.

The average salary of Cyber Security Officers ranges from 80 K to 100 K annually based on their experience.

Yes, a few universities offer scholarship to international students up to 20% of entire course based on academic merit.

Cyber Security Engineer, Cyber Security Analyst, Cyber Security Administrator, Business Analyst-Cyber Security, Cyber Security Specialist, Cyber Security Officer are the jobs available for graduates of Cyber Security in Australia.