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Nursing prepares applicants to serve physically and mentally challenged individuals and promote health and well-being. It also provides a diverse range of job opportunities to candidates. As front liners, they are always high in demand as they constantly deliver essential and customized treatment to needy people. Nursing is available as diploma, bachelor’s, and master’s degree programs
Nursing is one of the most popular courses among international students in Australia. Most of the universities in Australia offer nursing courses to international students with a range of scholarships. Studying nursing in Australia not only helps international students as a PR pathway but also provides lucrative employment opportunities after graduation.
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Entry Requirement

Diploma of Nursing:

Bachelor of Nursing:

Bachelor of Nursing/ Master of Nursing (Grand Entry)

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Nursing Career Opportunities:

Frequently Asked Questions

Fee of the nursing course varies from Diploma to master’s degree and university to university. Diploma of Nursing cost range from 30K to 35 for the entire course whereas bachelor’s or master’s degree course start form 29K to 44 per year.
The annual salary of a Registered nurse in Australia ranges from 65K to 95 K whereas Enrolled nurse earns between 50K to 60K annually.
Yes, international students can get different types of scholarship to pursue nursing degrees in Australia. Requirements of nursing course scholarship varies from university to university. A few universities provide from 15% to 30% scholarship to new nursing student just simply with their admission eligibility.
Nursing graduates are one of the high demanded human resources in Australia. Graduates from Nursing course can enjoy a registered nurse position in both government and non-government healthcare organizations in every states in Australia.