Speech Pathology

Study speech pathology course for a rewarding career and explore PR pathway options.
Speech Pathology course has been gaining popularity in the recent years among international student as it prepares for a challenging and prosperous career and is also a PR pathway course. Speech Pathologist helps people of all ages group to deal with difficulty with speech, swallowing and voice disorder.
A few universities in Australia offer both bachelor and master of speech pathology course to international students. Speech pathologist is one of the highly demanded skilled professional who enjoy rewarding renumeration and due to increasing number of aging populations in Australia and wide practices of speech pathologist, the demand of them is expected to increase in the future.
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Entry Requirement

Bachelor of Speech Pathology:

Master of Speech Pathology:

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Speech Pathology Career Opportunities:

Frequently Asked Questions

Tuition fee for Bachelor of speech pathology start from 32 K per year and it is of 3 to 4 years course whereas Master of speech pathology start from 41 K per year. Most of the Master of Speech Pathology courses are of 2 years.
On an average, a Speech pathologist earns from 80 K to 100 K per annum.
Yes, international students willing to study speech pathology may obtain up to 15% scholarship of the entire tuition fee in Australia based on their academic merit.
Speech pathologists are in demand in various sectors such as schools, hospital, aged-care, community health, rehabilitation centres. Graduates of Speech pathology work in these sectors as speech a pathologist, paediatric speech pathologist and research speech pathologist