General Skilled Visa

Are you looking for a suitable visa program? We offer General Skilled Visa to attract different skilled workers across the globe.

The General Skilled Visa category is specially designed for people who possess specific qualifications and skills that are more popular in the country they wish to migrate to. We have certain criteria that applicants need to meet, including educational qualifications, age, work experience, and English language proficiency. As an applicant, you need to submit an expression of interest detailing your work experience, qualifications, and skills to apply for a General Skilled Visa. Our team will assess your expression of interest against a points-based system.
Once you receive an invitation, you require lodging a formal visa application, giving supporting documents like employment references, educational certificates, and proof of English language proficiency. Immigration authorities will access the application and determine the suitability and eligibility for the visa.

Application requirements

English Language Proficiency

One of the common requirements for General Skilled Visas is proficiency in the English language. The applicants need to show their scores in recognized English language tests.

Skills and Qualifications

The required skills and qualifications are essential for the applicants, which often include professional certifications, educational qualifications, or skills assessments in interested occupations.

Points Test

Our program involves a points-based system to assess the eligibility of applicants. The applicant needs to achieve the minimum point threshold set to get the visa.

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Advantages of General Skilled Visa

Frequently Asked Questions

Some countries have age restrictions for the General Skilled Visa program. It has been found that age restrictions often vary between countries, so you must check the specific requirements of the country you want to migrate to.
Yes, your immediate family members, like dependent children or, spouse can be included in your General Skilled Visa application. However, you need to check the immigration policies of the specific country to know their conditions and requirements.
General Skilled Visa, application processing time can differ based on the specific circumstances and the country of the applicant. Sometimes it may take some months or more than a year.
General Skilled Visa requires the applicant to meet the age limit, recognized skills or qualifications assessment in a relevant occupation, and proficiency in the English language.